DJ Jazzabella

    DJ Jazzabella

    Coming up as a record collector in her hometown of Los Angeles, Priscilla Martinez aka DJ Jazzabella pursued djing as means to follow her passion and connect with people through music. For over ten years, Jazzabella has made a name for herself in the scene. She has played numerous parties, clubs, festivals, and radio shows alongside some of the best DJs. Jazzabella’s vast knowledge of music, talent, and ability to rock a crowd has taken her beyond L.A. She has played in cities across the US and Europe such as New York, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Austin, San Francisco, Barcelona, Paris, and Amsterdam. As a DJ, she’s known for building eclectic sets that weave together house, funk, disco, soul, jazz, rock, and hip hop from past and present. As a radio host, she had residencies on KQBHLA and Delicious Vinyl Radio, where she took deep dives into various facets of music culture through her curation and guest interviews. In 2017, L.A. Weekly magazine wrote a feature on her and the all-female DJ crew she founded, Girls Gone Vinyl L.A. The response to the article empowered the rise of female DJs throughout Los Angeles. Aside from djing, she also focuses on youth education, working as a teaching artist facilitating DJ classes for students in non-profit after school programs at public high schools. Now she's based in NYC. No matter what she’s doing, Jazzabella’s intention is always to use music as a vehicle for dialogue, healing, and community.



    Hi-Note is located in the heart of Alphabet City & East Village. We host community radio, featuring live radio sets and original programming. Day and night, we serve a range of offerings from coffee, craft cocktails, natural wine, and beer alongside a selection of bites.


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